Data Sources & Process

DiFi receives data for and processes over $2TR in assets from hundreds of different financial institution sources on a daily basis. All of this data is normalized, reconciled, and prepared into a common language of finance to be able to integrate with any downstream system.

What is reconciliation?

Reconciliation isn’t just pulling together data from different sources and showing them in the same format. True reconciliation involves a number of advanced processes to ensure that data isn’t just “clean”, but that it’s correct.

Data that isn’t reconciled simply can’t be trusted for honest reporting, fee calculation, or compliance, and isn’t safe to trade against. Our process ensures you can move forward confidently without having to second-guess.

Our Process

Our process leverages decades of experience and cutting-edge patented and patent-pending technologies, which is why we’re trusted with more data than other platform.

Collection & Profiling

We start by collecting all available and relevant data from across thousands of different sources to curate detailed profiles of every holding, asset, transaction, client — and everyone else up the ownership hierarchy.

That information includes:

  • Direct custodian feeds
  • Held-away asset feeds
  • Private placements
  • Manually-entered accounts
  • Alternative pricing sources
  • Custom security masters
  • Historical data
  • Corporate actions
  • Filing reports & news
  • Client communications

Correctness & Usability

We then run a series of processes to ensure accuracy and reliability. This means:

  • (Today’s Positions + Cash) = (yesterday’s Positions + Cash + Transactions)
  • All corporate actions and portfolio adjustments are properly handled.
  • Translation of assets and transactions across multiple currencies.
  • Data is processed in a lossless way so that it can be transformed and plugged into any outside system or format.
  • Every last fraction of a cent is where it belongs.

We have long-standing relationships with hundreds of financial institutions and close partnerships with custodians. This history and the experience of our team of experts make our platform unbeatable.

We’re entrusted with processing data for over $2TR on a daily basis and we achieve 99.99997% accuracy. This allows our clients to reach an unmatched level of precision and reliability for making crucial decisions.