Business Intelligence & Analytics

Technology-enabled leaders focus on analysis that produces long term organizational value. DiFi powers business analytics and intelligence leadership, removing the barriers between executives and robust analytics.

Business leaders often don’t know the kinds of questions they can easily ask of their data when it’s so difficult to access. DiFi solves this problem by automatically organizing all of a firm’s data and making it easily accessible. This allows business leaders to push the bounds of business intelligence.

DiFi makes this data available in any analytics application used in a firm, from Microsoft Excel to Tableau, Matlab, and R. Anyone within an organization, whatever his or her role or level of technical or mathematical expertise, can answer practical, meaningful questions.

Customer Use Cases

DiFi customers are able to start with common building blocks and customize their analysis and implementations to suit their unique needs. Having a common language across their data universe allows them to rapidly iterate and problem-solve against their business deliverables.

Case Study: Firm-wide Exposure Analysis

National RIA/BD roll-up needed deeper insight into their business-wide portfolio exposures and use the DiFi platform to accelerate their analysis and risk coverage.

Case Study: Fund-level Investor Behavior Analysis

Alternative fund required a deeper understanding of investor behavior in their funds and leveraged the DiFi platform to surface insights for improved fund management.