Data Management as a Service


DiFi Data Management as a Service solves for financial institutions’ problem of managing complex and varied data sources and the challenge of making that information available to the teams that need to access it all throughout the value chain.

DiFi uses its proprietary language of finance to internalize and translate any and all financial data into a common language that can be easily transferred and utilized by downstream reporting, analytical, and application systems.

By adopting DiFi’s Data Management as a services, financial institutions and technology companies:

  • Reduce costs: personnel, vendor and overhead; Improve capabilities: employee focus, error rates, delivery timelines and product/service scope.
  • Increase accuracy: DiFi captures intelligence and calculations from data with 99.99+% precision
  • Launch products and services faster: building on the DiFi platform dramatically time from product conception to launch

Popular Customer Implementations

B.I. & Analytics

Built to accelerate decision-making and inform leaders all throughout the value chain.

App Development

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with a data platform and APIs built to scale.