DiFi provides the technology infrastructure for next-generation financial services and data-first financial product innovation. Our customers use our platform as a service, which enables them to focus on their core expertise and launch without the cost and time of building data tools. They deliver new, innovative products and services to their customers faster, less expensively and with less risk.

At the core of our technical capabilities is a rich proprietary financial data language developed in partnership with the world’s leading global banks and asset managers over the past 20 years. This language provides DiFi customers the facilities to address challenges, provide service, and understand risk leveraging all of their organization’s data without undue technical overhead.

The DiFi data platform can be deployed across many environments as a drop-in solution or a component of a broader technical infrastructure.

Automated, semantically-driven enterprise data architecture

DiFi technology architecture allows firms to access disparate, complex data sources as a single clean representation of an entire financial universe with zero manual intervention.

Our proprietary ontologically grounded metalanguage (OGML) and semantic mapping have been deployed, continuously developed, and carefully protected over 20 years in tight partnership with major global banks, asset managers and other financial institutions.

This platform enables non-technical, financial services innovators to build cutting edge services, products, systems, processes and analyses, leveraging our proprietary data architecture and software including:

  • PAIX: DiFi’s “language of finance,” defines all of the assets, liabilities, transactions, parties, counterparties, and all relationships defining the operations of financial institutions across the world
  • BORGES: translates all of the dialects of the industry’s disparate systems into and out of PAIX. Leverages  workflow-, human-, and machine intelligence-driven tools to expand and more accurately and cost effectively reflect the financial universe.
  • M76: Patented models, utilities, and other applications designed to make it easy, cost effective, and fast to avail data to production-ready applications and services.

Major financial institutions and innovative startups have used the DiFi architecture to power financial applications, new product development, enhanced portfolio reporting, powerful portfolio analytics, and deep systems integrations that help them build better and more profitable products, services, and business lines.

Learn more about the data sources available through the DiFi financial language adapters: Get in touch


The DiFi platform can be deployed on-site or in the cloud to suit the particular infrastructure and scaling requirements of customer implementations.

Cloud-based deployments are hosted natively within the Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enables rapid and robust scaling to quickly meet customer needs in a secure, flexible environment.

All customer deployments can get access to the same underlying technology suited to their particular needs.